Why Work with Julie?

In this real estate market, with thousands of real estate agents looking for your business, how do you choose who you want to work with? Not all agents and brokerages offer the same services, or have the same skills, so it’s important to be informed and make a wise decision.

Julie’s passion for real estate shines through her work, providing clients with a tenacious and steadfast advocate throughout their transaction. She loves educating clients on the newest trends, laws, and regulations to find a fit that will best suit their needs, and helping them think creatively to stay competitive in this busy market. Julie’s priority is to create an experience that meets her clients’ needs head on, ensuring they are making the best decision possible about their investment, and getting a result they can celebrate! 

Julie works with all types of clients and a variety of properties across the South Sound area. From young families looking to move into their first home, fellow horse owners looking for the perfect ranch, people new to the area who need a place to live quickly, to home owners selling and upgrading their living arrangements, or selling and downsizing for retirement. Innovation is key to success, and she will work diligently to get you the result you desire.

“My focus is to bring all my creative thinking and innovative strategies to my clients to help them forge ahead; creating original marketing strategies and tactics to get their home noticed in the market; buying their new home on the best possible terms, and making the real estate process a stress-free and pleasant experience. My greatest pleasure is having your back!” -Julie